With the spirit of mountains, the beauty of sea and the diligence of people, the international, energized and passionate pump pioneer, Zhejiang DOYIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established at the Daxi County, Wenling, which is the hometown of pump; the place where the sun rises first; and beautiful and romantic coast. DOYIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has become the biggest manufacturer and exporter of deep well submersible pump with the hard-working of all DOYIN people in China over 20 years.

        There is so much to say if you look back. DOYIN started from domestic sales when established in the year of 1993. The export sales happened by a chance and could not stop later. What’s more, the business scale of Doingyin grew rapidly year by year. “The towering trees grow from small seedlings; the hathpace is from earth bases. The success of DOYIN should be attributed to the right product, the right market positioning, but more to the diligence and persistence of DOYIN people.

        Nowadays DOYIN is facing the new opportunities and challenge at the new starting point. With the many years’ technology accumulation and market experiences, relying on the advantaged natural resources at the hometown of pump, Daxi County, Wenling, and based on “Profession, Scale, High starting points and International image” we develop and integrate series of pump with high quality products, focus on the research and development, manufacture, sales and brand operation of products, build DOYIN into the international, energized and passionate pump pioneer, and add new strong power to company’s development.
         Based on the Brand Idea of “International DOYIN, Golden Quality”, the Product Image of “High Quality, Safety and Utility”, and the hit product of deep well submersible pump ,DOYIN will focus on providing the pump products of highest cost performance for most customer in order to bring convenience to people’s manufacture and lives.


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